A free turkey-based matching service connecting new immigrant & host families.

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How do we cook this meal?

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A New immigrant family, hoping to share probably their first dinner with a host Canadian family, signs up.


A host family, happy to roll out the welcome mat, shares a bit of info about their planned dinner.


Our matching magic finds a pair, and we send both families an introduction email.


You arrange the logistics. Then put the turkey in the oven, break open the cranberry sauce - and enjoy!

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Share Thanksgiving has been selected as a 2014 Vital Ideas Award Recipient.
This award has been provided through the Vital Toronto Fund
at the Toronto Community Foundation.

Share Thanksgiving recognizes the colonial history of the Thanksgiving holiday, and the wrongs inflicted upon our Indigenous peoples. When starting our match-making initiative, the common Western tradition of a family dinner stood out as a non-religious opportunity. We saw the holiday as a celebration of food and family, which had become removed from its brutal origins, and we do not mean to diminish or condone the grave injustices of the past (some of which continue to this day). We actively welcome suggestions and dialog on how we can better acknowledge our past, and move forward with a sincere spirit of reconciliation.