About Us

Our Vision

We’re a handful of volunteers who created this free service to help bring together new Canadian families and established Canadian families for an evening of conversation. We believe:

If one family-to-family dinner connects us,

10,000 of these dinners will connect Canadians.

And that’s our dream.

At a human level, the dinners have proven to be great. There can be some initial butterflies about inviting a stranger into your home – it’s natural.

But once you break bread together, and start talking about your kids and their schools, hockey, what it’s like to see snow for the first time, what made a family pack their bags and step onto a plane to Canada, answering their questions: why turkeys, why cranberry sauce, what’s your family’s Canada story…

…you see how easy it is, and you find yourself stopping, and smiling, and realizing that you are simply living that cliché that we really are more similar than different.

And this connects to Canada’s bigger purpose.

We’re a nation of immigrants, and continue to be so. And we need to make these human connections.

New Canadians are a vibrant part of our economy, culture and country. And many yearn to learn more about current Canadians’ customs and backgrounds. And this is increasingly important: in 2017, according to Statistics Canada, we’ll have the highest percentage of non-Canadian born Canadians ever – beating the 1910 peak at the height of our immigration boom. 

So open your doors, put out the welcome mat, and get ready to show off Canada!

City leaders are needed!

Sign up here, or email us at sharethanksgivingdinner [@] gmail.com to learn more!

With financial and concept support from:  North York Community House for leading New Canadian engagement in 2013. Bailey Greenspon, Samara Carroll, Francis Kung, Parker Mitchell, Shelley Zuckerman, Amitis Nouroozi, Zafer Achi, Kyle Baptista, Robyn Chatwin-Davies, Rahul Raj, Bill and Janet Young, Ted Brockhouse (and thanks to last year’s indigogo campaign – we’re still using your contributions for this round!) Deory Pereza for site design, Jennifer Voss and Nick Krutchen for coding and matching magic. Special gratitude to our past city leaders Angela Smook, Josefina Perez, Fraser Mah, Patrick Miller, Engage Nova Scotia, Elauna Noutwell, Ellen Gilles, Evan Vassallo, Anika Henderson, Gillian Burt.

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