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Hosting a dinner with Share Thanksgiving

Maybe you want to learn more about the way other Canadians in your city live…

Maybe you are the child of immigrants and know how difficult it can be to start over in a new country…

Maybe you’ve traveled and enjoyed the hospitality of other cultures, and want to give back…

Maybe this year you want to celebrate Thanksgiving values by opening your doors to Newcomers and breaking bread…

Share Thanksgiving is Easy.

We’re run by volunteers who want to make connections and conversations easier. We’ve designed this service to be really simple.

1. Express your interest.

You sign up with a click. You answer a few easy questions and two minutes later, you’re in our matching pool.

You’ll be asked questions like dinner timing, number of people in your family, and family size that you can accommodate. This info will be used for matching.

This phase will close on Friday October 7th, but sign up early as we’ll be matching people on a rolling basis.

2. Get matched!

We’ll use the information that you provided to find the right match for you. Matches will be based on: time and availability, and shared characteristics. We will match you with a family that resembles yours: ages of family members, languages spoken, and hobbies and interests.

Who are your new friends? Newcomers who sign up are recommended by case workers at Settlement Organizations. Case workers ensure registrants will be participants will fully enjoy Share Thanksgiving and will click with your family. 

When we make the match, we’ll send you and your newcomer family an email introducing you to one another.

3. Arrange the dinner details.

After we get in touch, we will invite you to make a phone call or set up a Skype call with your match. You can introduce yourselves and have an opportunity to chat before Thanksgiving. You can offer them the formal invitation and arrange details of the dinner.

If you feel uncertain about your match get in touch with us: we will make new arrangements to ensure everyone can fully enjoy Share Thanksgiving! 

Share Thanksgiving is a lot of fun.

Still wondering? Don’t just take our word for it!

Listen to what Matt Galloway, CBC Metro Morning host

has to say about Share Thanksgiving in 2012.

And hundreds of families shared dinners in past years.

Check out their photos on our Facebook Page or read about the dinners their own words!

We understand there can be some initial butterflies about inviting a stranger into your home – it’s natural.

But once you break bread together, and start talking about your kids and their schools, hockey, what it’s like to see snow for the first time, what made a family pack their bags and step onto a plane to Canada, answering their questions: why turkeys, why cranberry sauce, what’s your family’s Canada story…

…you see how easy it is, and you find yourself stopping, and smiling, and realizing that you are simply living that cliché that we really are more similar than different.

And let’s connect this to our bigger picture

We’re a nation of immigrants, and continue to be so. New Canadians are a vibrant part of our economy, culture and country.

And yet the journey across an ocean to a new land is never easy – and once here, many yearn to learn more about current Canadians’ customs and backgrounds.

And we need to make these human connections – not just as people, but for Canada. In 2017, we’re projected to have the highest percentage of non-Canadian born Canadians ever.

So our vision is simple and grand:

One family-to-family dinner connects us – 10,000 of these dinners will connect Canadians. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Visit our FAQ Page.

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